Earthsure Equity is your go-to partner when it comes to investing in lucrative property portfolios.

How do we work?

It’s pretty simple actually.
Our selective clientele consult with us to make smart land investments all over the country. Using proven strategies, we create revenue streams for our clients with properties that have intrinsic and lasting value.




Founder Erik Peterson has been a passionate land investor and land investing mentor for almost 10 years. Prior to starting his successful land investing businesses, he spent over 20 years working as an award-winning graphic designer.


When not running his land investing empire, or mentoring others to do the same as part of the Landgeek program, he spends time with his wife, 2 teenage boys, and dog Mako at his own land investment in Franklin Tennessee (aka “home”).

Our Goal

An investment you can feel good about, growth for you as the investor, and growth for your capital.

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